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Most military personnel, military family members, and veterans have some sort of stress-related symptoms related to service in combat.  When those symptoms do not fade after a month, it might be Post Tramatic Stress (PTS). Some PTS symptoms are as follows:

-- Reliving the event.

      Memories of the trauma can come back at any time.  They can be triggered by reminders of the experience.  You may also have dreams, or feel as if you are going through the trauma again.

-- Avoiding situations that remind you of the event.

      You may try to avoid places, people, or things that bring back memories of the event. 

-- Feeling numb.

    You may find it hard to express your feelings.  You may feel cut off from others.

-- Feeling keyed up.

      You may be on the lookout for danger or hyper-vigilant.  You may become angry or isolated very easily.

      Post-traumatic stress (PTS) may also cause you to feel guilty, ashamed or depressed. You may experience problems with co-workers, friends, Family, and loved ones.  Many people effected by PTS abuse alcohol and drugs and are often mentally and physically abusive and destructive to self and to others.

      If you are interested in participating in the MOJJJO PTD Anonymous Group, contact Sergeant Major Mayfield, USMC, Retired directly at 910-355-9206.  The call is confidential.  Our service women and menare "Never Forgotten!" and at MOJJJO, "We Get It!"  You now have an alternative.

Dear Mrs. Mayfield,

What a great time & memorable experience I had!
Also excellent hospitality!  Thank you.  I will never forget
this the rest of my life.  Please keep the good health all the time.
Hope to see you soon.

Joon Chi
    Montford Point Marines
2013-12-23 Mayfield Lunch
       2013 Mayfield Lunch

"MOJJJO at Work"

Seen here is the daughter of John and Heather Gray
who are volunteer Paramedics and part of the
MOJJJO Family.


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